Best answer: How long does a licensee have to respond to a complaint with the Arkansas Real Estate Commission?

How many days from receiving notice from the Commission of a complaint does a licensee have to respond? licensees and clients. 30 days after the Commission’s ordered the licensee’s to pay the damages.

Who can make complaints against Arkansas licensees?

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission is responsible for investigating complaints against licensed Arkansas real estate brokers or salespersons. This Commission is also responsible for activities of developers involved with selling time-share intervals.

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What is the statute of limitations for the submission of consumer complaints to the Texas Real Estate Commission?

When should the listing agent give the seller a blank copy of the Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition to fill out? You just studied 64 terms!

What is the statute of limitations for investigation of a licensed person in connection with a Texas real estate complaint?

The time limit for complaints is four years from the date of the incident. 3 In other words, the Commission cannot investigate complaints that are more than four years old. Additionally, the Commission can only investigate complaints related to issues within its jurisdiction.

What is the Arkansas Recovery Fund maximum per licensee liability?

Payments from the Real Estate Inspection Recovery Fund may not exceed $12,500 per transaction, with a maximum of $30,000 per license holder for multiple transactions.

Who represents the state of Arkansas in a hearing to determine if a licensee is in violation of Arkansas license law?

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission must be notified in writing within 30 days of the violation of the commission regulations. Arkansas Real Estate Commission. The answer is Arkansas Real Estate Commission.

What is the Arkansas post licensing requirement for a broker licensed on June 20th?

Post-License Guidelines

The AREC post-license requirement for a new salesperson is 18 classroom hours and must be taken by the end of the month six (6) months* after the date the individual was initially licensed.

What happens if a realtor violates the code of ethics?

NAR Code of Ethics. … If a Realtor violates the code of ethics, a complaint can be filed and disciplinary action is taken by the Realtor’s local Realtor association. In practice, Realtors are required to abide by the Code of Ethics as a way of doing business.

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How many days notice must a broker give to sponsored salespersons when applying for an inactive license status?

(c) The broker must confirm to the Commission in writing that the broker has given all sales agents sponsored by the broker written notice of termination of sponsorship at least 30 days before filing the application for inactive status.

Which of the following must be reported to the Commission within 10 days?

True. Licensees must report to the Commission any charge of, arrest or indictment for, plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, or conviction of any misdemeanor or any felony within 10 days of the occurrence. Also, within 10 days of the occurrence, the licensee must notify their supervising broker.

What federal crimes have no statute of limitations?

There is no statute of limitations for federal crimes punishable by death, nor for certain federal crimes of terrorism, nor for certain federal sex offenses. Prosecution for most other federal crimes must begin within five years of the commitment of the offense. There are exceptions.

What crimes have no statute of limitations in Texas?

In Texas, there is no statute of limitations for the following serious criminal allegations: murder, manslaughter, sexual assault of a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child, sexual assaults where DNA was collected, serial sexual assaults, continuous sexual assault, indecency with a child, leaving the scene of an …

How long can a felony charge be pending in Texas?

The current waiting periods are 180 days for a Class C misdemeanor, one year for Class A and B misdemeanors, and three years for felony charges. Once their particular waiting period has passed, an individual can petition for expunction.

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What method is most expedient when asking Grec to investigate a complaint?

What method is most expedient when asking GREC to investigate a complaint? A sworn written request for investigation of a complaint against a licensee, instructor, or license applicant is most expedient.

Who funds the real estate Recovery Fund?

The California Real Estate Recovery Fund was established in 1964. It is funded both from a portion of real estate license fees and also from fines collected by the Department of Real Estate (DRE).

Which one of the following is not considered to be trust funds?

4 of 50 – Which of following are not considered trust funds? … Commissions, operating funds, and broker-owned rents and deposits are not funds belonging to others.