How do I reinstate my lapsed real estate license in SC?

If your real estate salesperson license expires, you can bring it back into active status if you act before your license has expired six months past its renewal date. You will need to meet all required continuing education requirements and pay a fee of $15 per month, plus the normal renewal fee.

How do I reactivate my real estate license in SC?

A licensee currently on inactive status cannot transfer and must instead fill out a request for license reactivation form #210. Reactivations: This form is document #210. It must be signed by the Broker or Property Manager in Charge and mailed to the Commission with a $10 reactivation fee.

How do I renew my expired real estate license?

You may renew your license up to six months after the expiration date. After six months and up to two years past the expiration date, you may apply for reinstatement of your license. After two years past the expiration date, you will have to reapply and pass the examination.

How do I get an inactive real estate license in SC?

(B) A licensee may place a license on inactive status by informing the commission in writing. To maintain an inactive license status, the license must be renewed in the same manner as provided for active license renewals.

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What happens if you let your real estate license expire?

Perhaps you’ve taken a long break from real estate and your license has been expired for more than two years. If this is the case, your license is null and void and you will likely need to start from the beginning if you wish to become licensed again unless otherwise instructed by the Department of Real Estate.

How do Realtors become inactive?

Stop reporting continuing education hours for your real estate license. In most states, if course hours are not reported at their scheduled time, a real estate license will be placed into an inactive status. Refuse to pay your renewal fee on your real estate license by its due date.

What happens when a representation agreement expires?

When you hit the end of that time frame, the real estate agreement has expired, and your listing will be removed from the multiple listing service—also called the MLS—and platforms like®. And that means buyers can’t buy it off these platforms, either.

What is the purpose of a carryover clause?

The purpose of carryover provisions is to enable policyholders to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses in the following year by applying a portion of the current year’s claims against the next year’s deductible. Typically, this provision only applies to expenses incurred in the final three months of the current year.

Can a felon get a real estate license in South Carolina?

Every applicant must take a criminal background check. But, having a criminal record won’t automatically prevent you from getting your South Carolina real estate license. … Committing a felony that is drug, sex, real estate, or violence related.

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What does involuntary inactive mean in real estate?

Involuntary Inactive/Active – This means a licensee has not met renewal requirements and prior to the expiration of the license they were practicing real estate services. Upon the license expiring, they no longer are valid to operate until the licensee has complied with their renewal requirements.