How do I renew my real estate broker license in the Philippines 2021?

How can I renew my PRC license online 2021?

8 Easy Steps to Renew your PRC License Online Quickly

  1. Step 1: Create your new online user account in PRC website …
  2. Step 2: Proceed with PRC Online Registration, Supply your Personal Information. …
  3. Step 3: Uploading of your Photo ID. …
  4. Step 4: Choose Renewal in the Selection of Transaction.

How do I renew my PRC real estate license online?

PRC accepts Online Renewal OF PRC LICENSES for professionals

  1. STEP 1: Register or Sign-In to
  2. STEP 2: Fill out the form with your personal Info :
  3. STEP 3: Once inside the home page, Click SELECT TRANSACTION.
  4. STEP 4: Fill in your PRC License details.

Can I renew my PRC license without CPD units 2021?

Professionals who are working abroad are no longer required to comply with the required CPD units for their profession before they can renew their licenses.

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How do I renew my Hlurb license?

Photocopy of your last year’s DHSUD (HLURB) official receipt (OR). Photocopy of your real estate broker’s PRC ID and Certificate of Registration (COR). Photocopy of your real estate broker’s latest DHSUD (HLURB) official receipt (OR). Your broker must renew his/her DHSUD registration first starting Nov 2020.

How can I renew my PRC license without CPD points?

Step #1 Go to the official website of PRC – LERIS to start the renewal application process.

How To Renew License Without CPD Units Online:

  1. Email address.
  2. Mobile Number.
  3. Personal information; employment and education.
  4. 2×2 photo (in JPG format with white background and applicant wearing a formal collared top)
  5. Valid ID.

How much is the renewal of PRC?

The renewal fees are the following: For professions requiring baccalaureate degree: ₱150.00 per year or total of ₱450.00 for three (3) years For professions requiring non-baccalaureate degree: ₱140.00 per year or total of ₱420.00 for three (3) years A surcharge of ₱30.00 (baccalaureate degree) and ₱28.00 (non- …

How do I send my CPD units to PRC?


Step 1. Secure Application Form at the Standards and Inspection Division counter (Window 3) or download at PRC website ( Step 2. Fill-out Application Form and comply the required documents.

Is CPD points still required?

CPD is still a mandatory requirement for the renewal of the PRC ID of all registered and licensed professionals; Significant decrease in the number of required CPD units for the renewal of professional license.

How do I renew my real estate brokers license in the Philippines?

How To Renew your Real Estate License at PRC

  1. Prepare the following requirements: …
  2. Get a renewal stub form from the Standards and Inspection Division of PRC. …
  3. Go to the Application Division and submit your documents/requirements. …
  4. Claim your new ID on the scheduled date by presenting your claim stub and official receipt.
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Do CPD units expire?

The accreditation of CPD Provider is valid for three (3) years.

How do I test my CPD units?

1Log into your profile and click on the “My CPD” tab.; 2Click on the plus sign just under the block that shows your current CPD points. 3Capture the date you earned the CPD points.

What is the new name of Hlurb?

The HLURB is now reconstituted and shall be known as the Human Settlements Adjudication Commission (Commission).

How do I become a real estate broker in the Philippines 2021?

New Complete List: How To Get Your Real Estate Broker License In The Philippines

  1. Completely filled-up PRC Exam Application Form.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Management Diploma.
  3. Transcript of Records with scanned picture and remarks “For Board Examination Purposes”
  4. NSO / PSA Birth Certificate.

How do I check my Hlurb license?

Ask the seller or broker/agent of the developer if the project is registered and has a license to sell issued by the HLURB. This can be verified in the HLURB website (