How much is the real estate exam in VA?

How much does it cost to get a Virginia real estate license? The state application fee for a Virginia real estate salesperson is $170 and $210 for qualifying broker candidates. The exam fee is around $60, paid to PSI who administers the exam.

How much does it cost to take real estate exam in Virginia?


Exam Vendor PSI (855) 340-3910
Frequency and Dates of Exam Daily Contact PSI (855) 340-3910
Deadline for Application No application deadline. Allow two weeks for processing of exam application.
Exam Fees (paid directly to PSI) $60

What is the passing score for Virginia real estate exam?

To pass, you must correctly answer at least 56 questions from the national portion and 30 for the state portion. The broker exam consists of 80 national questions and 50 state-specific questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 60 questions from the national portion and 38 for the state portion.

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Is the VA real estate exam hard?

The real estate exam is a knowledge test. It does not test applicants on information that they will intuitively know. In other words, you must study to pass this exam. … With proper preparation, the real estate exam is not that hard.

Can I take the Virginia real estate exam online?

Schedule the Virginia state real estate salesperson licensing exam via PSI Exams Online, here. Upon successful course completion, candidates are eligible to take the PSI Exam. Note: A digital photo of the candidate is required to take the PSI exam.

How much do Realtors make in VA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Virginia real estate agents earn an annual mean wage of $66,230. This is especially impressive when you consider than most states fall in the $41,000 – $57,450 range as shown in the chart below. And that’s just the average, which skews low because of two key factors.

How many times can you take the Virginia real estate exam?

There is no limit as to how many times you can take the state exam. You can take the state exam as many times as needed until you pass. You simply have to reschedule your next exam attempt and pay the $60 exam fee.

Is Virginia real estate exam open book?

The Virginia Real Estate Broker exams are taken on computers. You will receive your results immediately after finishing the exam. The exam is closed book.

Can I use a calculator on the Virginia real estate exam?

​It is recommended that you bring a calculator to the Virginia state licensing exam; however, only non-programmable calculators that are silent, battery-operated, do not have a paper tape printing capabilities, and do not have a keyboard are allowed in the exam room.

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How do I study for the VA real estate exam?

How to Pass the Virginia Real Estate Exam

  1. Take Your Time Going Through the Material. …
  2. Take Notes. …
  3. Discuss New Real Estate Terms and Concepts. …
  4. Take Breaks & Study in Intervals. …
  5. Get Sufficient Sleep – Don’t Push Yourself. …
  6. Take Practice Exams.

Can you be a part time realtor?

Yes, you absolutely can be a part-time real estate agent with a full-time job, as long as you employ excellent time management skills and don’t mind being busy. The most popular open house times are evenings and weekends because most people looking to buy or rent a new home likely also work a 9-5 schedule.

Which state has the hardest real estate exam?

Colorado is regarded as the hardest state since agents need to cover 160 hours of education, pass two tests, pass a background check, and be fingerprinted. In contrast, most other states require less than 100 education hours, with the majority falling with the 40-hour requirement.

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent?

As a real estate agent, you’ll be required to be licensed by the state in which you plan to practice, and you can expect to shell out around $2,000 over the course of becoming licensed.

How much does it cost for real estate school?

On average, real estate school costs between $100 and $900, though your costs will vary by state and school. Online real estate courses are often priced a little differently than on-campus classes, and some are available in a video-only format, which can save you money on textbooks.

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How much does it cost to maintain real estate license in Virginia?

MLS fees: The cost to belong to a multiple listing service (or MLS) costs about $65/month. Lockbox and card fees: Runs around $100. License renewal fee: $65 every two years for a salesperson; $80 for a broker.