Question: Can you post houses for sale on Instagram?

However, the general content you can post is your past deals and clients where you can share their success stories, some FAQs, properties for sale, anything about your real estate company, or a post that can direct to the blogs on your website.

Can I post real estate listings on Instagram?

The wonderful thing about Instagram photo posts for real estate is that you can also create carousel posts. … These are fantastic to showcase real estate listings or events. While you can edit your photos within Instagram, some of the best tools for photo editing are outside of the platform.

Can you sell houses on Instagram?

Post a house tour of your listing

As soon as you publish your listing on your local MLS, go ahead and post your professional real estate images onto your IG Story. You will have the option to add your saved images as a story post. You can also create an image collage in the Instagram Layout app.

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How do you sell a house on Instagram?

Here are our 10 best tips and ideas for real estate Instagram:

  1. Set the right Instagram objectives.
  2. Use local targeting.
  3. Get smart about demographics.
  4. Make use of popular real estate Instagram hashtags.
  5. Use carousel ads to show off your properties.
  6. Bring real estate to life with video.
  7. Leverage aspirational imagery.

Can I use realtor in my Instagram handle?

The same rules governing the use of the REALTOR® marks apply on the internet. In a username, members are authorized to use the REALTOR® marks only to indicate membership to NAR by using the marks with a member’s name or with the legal name of a member broker’s real estate business.

Is Instagram good for Realtors?

It’s highly visual and shows off your listings

Instagram is a natural fit for realtors to post amazing images of their properties, video walkthroughs, and other tidbits buyers want to know.

Should you post your house on social media?

DON’T post any identifiable information about your home’s address or specific location. As you’re taking photos to share, be careful to keep house numbers just out of frame. … DO use Pinterest for inspiration, but don’t get too caught up in the perfect staged homes you see online.

How do I sell my house on social media?

6 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell a Home

  1. Start by targeting specific keywords. …
  2. Create a microsite on WordPress. …
  3. Build campaigns for every major medium and service. …
  4. Collaborate to make it personal. …
  5. Share and Share Often. …
  6. Don’t do this alone.
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How does Instagram marketing work?

How to Market on Instagram

  • Switch to a Business Profile ASAP. …
  • Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools. …
  • Post Product Teasers That Will (Gently) Urge People to Buy. …
  • Create Sponsored Ads. …
  • Use Instagram Stories. …
  • Partner With Influencers For a Wider Reach. …
  • Collect User-Submitted Photos. …
  • Come Up With an Interactive Branded Hashtag.

What is a story in real estate?

One of the horizontal levels of a building that is constructed one above another as part of the building’s overall construction.

How do you target luxury buyers on Instagram?

5 Tips for Selling Luxury Products on Facebook and Instagram

  1. Use visually distinctive product photography. …
  2. Unleash the power of influencer partnerships. …
  3. Take customers behind the scenes. …
  4. Display user-generated content wisely. …
  5. Household income targeting.

How do I post a Realtor trademark on Instagram?

To get the trademark ® symbol on your computer, use Alt+0174 on PCs, Option+R on Macs, or type “(r)” and hit Enter.

Can I use the word Realtor in my website name?

The REALTOR® marks can be used on the internet and in marketing. In usernames, email addresses, and domain names, the REALTOR® marks do not need to be separated from a member’s name or real estate business name with punctuation, as they do elsewhere. …

Can I use realtor on my Facebook page?

To get started, go up into the right-hand corner of your personal Facebook page and click on the arrow, then “Page in the drop-down box,” and then “Business or Brand.” … Instead, add something like “Realtor” or “Real Estate Agent.” This will help people differentiate between your personal and business pages.

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