Quick Answer: Can Brits buy property in Cyprus?

UK citizens can buy a property in Cyprus following the same rules and regulations as any other non-EU citizens. … You can stay in any of the EU member states for 3 months out of every 6 months without a visa. If you want to stay longer, you will have to apply for permission to do so.

Is it safe to buy property in Cyprus?

In short – yes, foreigners are able to purchase property in Cyprus. What’s more, it’s easier to do so here when compared with many European countries. EU citizens are able to purchase property in Cyprus with no restrictions.

Is buying property in Cyprus a good investment?

Real estate to buy in Cyprus is absolutely worth it if you’re looking to get residency quickly in this beautiful island. For a €350K investment, you and your family will not only get a beautiful second home, but also residency permits which permit you to legally live, work and study in Cyprus.

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Can Brits get a mortgage in Cyprus?

North Cyprus is considered by the British government to be unstable and for this reason British banks will not give mortgages in north Cyprus. If you’re keen on getting a mortgage in northern Cyprus however you can obtain a north Cyprus mortgage from a bank in Cyprus as well as south Cyprus mortgages.

What are the rules for buying a property in Cyprus?

Permission to acquire immovable property in Cyprus

Cypriots and EU citizens are entitled to buy immovable property without any restrictions. Non-EU citizens can buy immovable property, however, permission from the Council of Ministers is required.

Can British live in Cyprus?

The European Commission proposed that British citizens would not need a visa for short stays in the EU, including Cyprus. You would be able to stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days in any 180 days. If you stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days in a 180-day period, visitors would become tax residents.

Can I live in Cyprus with a British passport?

UK citizens can visit Cyprus for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa¹⁰, but if you want to stay longer you’ll need to apply for a temporary residence permit¹¹. This is also known as a ‘pink slip’.

Where do British expats live in Cyprus?

With popular British expatriate communities, they offer the perfect places to settle into life in Cyprus with a thriving community.

  • Paphos.
  • Limassol.
  • Nicosia.
  • Larnaca.
  • Famagusta.
  • Kyrenia.

Where do most British expats live in Cyprus?

Over 50% of expats live in Paphos, Cyprus’s fourth largest city. The villages in the district around Paphos are very popular for the expats that want to live outside a city.

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Where do most Brits live in Cyprus?

Paphos district has quite a few lovely towns and villages dotted around. Lots of Brits live there, especially in places like Peyia and Tala.

Can I still buy property in Cyprus after Brexit?

Buying a property in Cyprus after Brexit

UK citizens can buy a property in Cyprus following the same rules and regulations as any other non-EU citizens.

How long does it take to buy property in Cyprus?

All things considered, the procedure for purchasing a property in Cyprus shouldn’t take more than 1 – 3 months.

Can I still buy a holiday home in Greece after Brexit?

You still have a right to buy property in the EU after Brexit. The right to buy property in the EU is not restricted to EU citizens. … Anyone who can pay the price is still able to purchase a property in one of the EU countries. Brexit has not changed that.

Is Cyprus a good place to retire?

Cyprus is a great place to live both for families and retirees. … The cost of living in Cyprus is generally lower, taxes are more lenient and the property prices are generally cheaper than in the UK. The lifestyle is typically Mediterranean with its slow laidback pace and “enjoy the moment” attitude.

What is the best area to live in Cyprus?

Paphos is ranked as the best city to live in Cyprus for seven years in a row. It is a favorite destination among British immigrants and is home to a large expat community. In 2007 it won the title of City of Culture in Europe.

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Do you pay council tax in Cyprus?

The good news is that the principal council tax in Cyprus, known as Immovable Property Tax (IPT) has been abolished for 2017.