What does SF mean in real estate?

Look at the $/SF, or “Sales Price per Square Foot” for each of these. The home you like should sell for a similar $/SF. Ask your broker to print out, and help you analyze a “Quick CMA” report for the properties in which you are interested.

What does SF mean in building?

Gross Square Feet is the total area of enclosed space measured to the exterior walls of a building. This is an umbrella term that includes everything in a facility, even unusable spaces (think areas in between walls).

What is SF range?

Range was a unique dining experience in the Mission district along Valencia Street. … Range was listed in the SF Chronicle’s Top 100 in 2016 before it closed.

What does SF stand for in area?

Square Foot/Feet. SF. Source Forge (web site)

What does SF mean on a plot plan?

RCP. Reinforced Concrete Pipe. SF. Square feet or square foot – measurement of area.

How is net SF calculated?

Take your building’s gross square footage minus square footage of inaccessible spaces (like wall space and mechanical areas etc.) This metric equals your net square feet. You could also calculate net square feet by summing up the area of every room in your facility.

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What is a SF home?

HOME-SF is San Francisco’s local density bonus program. It’s designed to incentivize building more affordable and family-friendly housing in neighborhood commercial and transit corridors through zoning modifications.

What mountains can you see from San Francisco?

10 Top Mountains In San Francisco

  • Land’s End. Image Source. …
  • Angel Island. Image Source. …
  • Mount Diablo. Image Source. …
  • Mount Tamalpais. Image Source. …
  • Dipsea Trail. Image Source. …
  • Alamere Falls. Image Source. …
  • Windy Hill Open Space Reserve. Image Source. …
  • Tennessee Valley. Image Source.

Are there mountains near San Francisco?

The Santa Cruz Mountains, part of the Pacific Coast Ranges, are a mountain range in central and northern California, United States. They form a ridge down the San Francisco Peninsula, south of San Francisco.

What does SF mean in banking?

BSA Forms

Acronym Definition
FBAR Foreign Bank Account Report
SAR Suspicious Activity Report
SAR-C Suspicious Activity Report for Casinos and Card Clubs
SAR-SF Suspicious Activity Report by Securities and Futures Industries

What is SF in category?

Category:Science fiction – Wikipedia.

Who owns this property SF?

The San Francisco Assessor-Recorder’s office maintains information on property ownership for properties located in San Francisco.

What does SD mean on a floor plan?

SD — Smoke detector, sliding door, or sewer drain.

What does BC mean on civil drawings?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbol Definition
BASIC basic dimension
BC or B.C. bolt circle
BCD or B.C.D. bolt circle diameter
BHC bolt hole circle