What is an immovable lump?

A hard lump that does not move (is “fixed” or “immobile”) is not a normal breast finding and requires further evaluation. Such an evaluation is likely to involve a physical examination of your breasts, a mammogram, possibly a sonogram, and probably a biopsy.

What does it mean when a lump is immobile?

“If a lump in the breast is immobile, meaning it can’t be moved, or the skin over the lump contains small nodules or is bleeding or inflamed, then this almost certainly represents advanced breast cancer, and has to be addressed by your doctor immediately.”

Are cancerous lumps immovable?

Cancerous lumps are usually hard, painless and immovable. Cysts or fatty lumps etc are usually slightly softer to touch and can move around. This has come from experience – I found a rubbery, painless moveable lump in my neck which was not cancer.

Are lymphoma lumps immobile?

Swollen lymph nodes are often painless, moveable, and have a soft, “rubbery” feel to them, says Eric Jacobsen, MD, clinical director of the Adult Lymphoma Program at Dana-Farber.

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How do you know if a lump is moveable?

When you discover a lump, you might have concerns about cancer. Usually, soft moveable lumps aren’t cancerous, but there are exceptions. A moveable lump means that you can easily move it beneath the skin with your fingertips.

A lipoma in the neck is:

  1. soft and moveable.
  2. just under the skin.
  3. shaped like a dome.
  4. not painful.

What does hard and immobile mean?

If you know that mobile things move around, then you’re halfway to understanding what immobile means: this refers to anything that can’t move. A mountain is immobile; no one’s moving that. Sometimes people who are very large — like offensive lineman — are described as immobile, because they are big and hard to move.

Are Cancers hard or soft?

Bumps that are cancerous are typically large, hard, painless to the touch and appear spontaneously. The mass will grow in size steadily over the weeks and months. Cancerous lumps that can be felt from the outside of your body can appear in the breast, testicle, or neck, but also in the arms and legs.

Do cancerous lymph nodes move?

Nodes containing a spread of cancer are usually hard, painless and don’t move. Nodes are found in many different parts of the body & any of them can swell if dealing with an infection.

Can lipomas be hard and immovable?

Soft, rubbery, and yielding

Unlike the average cancerous tumor that can been seen or felt along the outside of your body, lipomas are not firm or hard — they’re soft and pliable to the touch, and they move easily with a gentle push of the finger.

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Why do I have a hard lump on my back?

If you found a hard back mass, it is most likely noncancerous. The most common causes for a hard lump on the back arise from skin conditions, like skin abscess, wart, or cysts on the back. Knots in the back can also appear as a hard back mass.

Can lymph nodes be rock hard?

Healthy lymph nodes are more rubbery than the surrounding tissue but are not solid like stone. Any lumps on the neck, groin or armpits that are hard, very enlarged, and do not move when pushed may indicate lymphoma or another type of cancer and should be investigated by your GP.

What would a lump in the groin be?

In most cases, a lump in the groin is either a cyst, a hernia, or a swollen lymph node. Cysts often resolve on their own and rarely lead to additional complications. Swollen lymph nodes typically indicate an infection, and the lump will usually disappear once the infection clears up.

What does a cancerous lump in groin feel like?

The lumps may be confined to one area of the body, such as the neck, or develop in multiple areas, such as the neck, armpits and groin. Lymphoma lumps have a rubbery feel and are usually painless. While some lymphoma lumps develop within a matter of days, others can take months or even years to become noticeable.

Can you move a tumor around?

Finding a lump under your skin is alarming, but most of the time they’re harmless. Cysts and tumors are two common types of lumps. It can be hard to tell them apart because they’re often found in the same places.

Identifying cysts and tumors.

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Characteristic Cyst Tumor
able to move around under skin

Can a lump in the neck be nothing?

Remember that lumps can appear anywhere on your body – not just your neck – and usually they’re harmless. If you’re particularly worried about a lump on your neck or the lump hasn’t gone away after 2 weeks, always get it checked by a doctor.

Are cysts movable?

Cysts may appear as red and swollen masses, and they may contain a black center. Discharge from the cysts may be white, yellow or green and, depending on their location, they may be tender. In addition, a cyst might be able to move around under the skin.