What penalties can the Virginia real estate Board impose?

Any person engaging in unlicensed activity shall be subject to further proceedings before the Board and the Board may impose a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 for any real estate transaction or the compensation received from any such real estate transaction, whichever is greater.

What were the possible consequences for a real estate agent being blackballed by the board?

By not showing your home, they risk losing a lot of commission money, having an unhappy buyer, and losing their license/severe penalties if it was a coordinated effort. On the other hand, if they show the home they potentially make a nice commission and have a happy client.

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Which of the following is a duty of the Virginia Real Estate Board?

Code of Virginia, Title 54.1, Chapter 2. The board is authorized to license real estate brokers (including individuals, corporations, associations, and partnerships) and salespersons; prescribe standards for licensure and for professional conduct; and promulgate regulations for all authorized purposes.

What disqualifies you from being a real estate agent in Virginia?

The misdemeanors applicants need to disclose include any convictions within the last five years that deal with: Moral turpitude. Sexual offense. Drug distribution.

What does the real estate board do?

The mission of the Real Estate Board is to put in place systems that promote acceptable standards of professional and ethical conduct in the business of real estate and land development in order to protect the mutual interests of all persons involved in such dealings.

Can you sue a real estate agent for lying?

You can’t sue a real estate broker for a bad opinion — in order to win a misrepresentation lawsuit, the misstatement must involve some material fact about the property or the sale that would affect a reasonable person’s decision regarding the purchase.

How do you know if a Realtor is scamming you?

The following warning signs may indicate a real estate scam:

  • Lack Of Proper Documentation. If you’re looking to buy a home and the seller lacks the necessary paperwork, this is a huge red flag. …
  • Pressure To Act Immediately. …
  • Unrealistic Guarantees. …
  • Demands To Wire Money.

How do I file a complaint against a realtor in Virginia?

The Real Estate Board of Virginia alone controls the agent’s license to sell real estate. If you think the person has violated the law, you should contact that agency at 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400, Richmond VA 23233-1463, 1-804-367-8500, for their complaint procedures.

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How long do Virginia real estate Board members serve?

The Real Estate Board shall be composed of nine members as follows: seven members who have been licensed real estate brokers or salespersons for at least five consecutive years before their appointment and two citizen members. The terms of Board members shall be four years.

How long does the board have to decide if there is reasonable cause to back up the discrimination allegations?

If reasonable cause is found, HUD will issue a charge against the respondent. The respondent, the aggrieved person, and HUD have 20 days to determine whether to resolve the charge before a HUD administrative law judge (ALJ) or before a federal district judge.

Can you be a real estate agent with a misdemeanor in Virginia?

In order to become licensed in Virginia for any one of the trades regulated by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (“DPOR”) you must, by law, first disclose any conviction of any misdemeanor or felony, in any jurisdiction.

Can you get real estate license with felony?

For someone who has had a rough background or a felony conviction, getting a real estate license can be challenging — but it’s not impossible. The rules will obviously vary from state to state, but with adherence to some basic requirements, you can indeed pursue a career as a real estate agent.

Does a felony affect real estate license?

Regardless of how your state requests the information, you must completely and honestly disclose any conviction, felony or misdemeanor, to ever be considered for a real estate license. A felony conviction is a very serious offense, but it is possible to have a new start.

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What CXC subjects do you need to become a real estate agent?

Entry Requirements

– CXC General Proficiency Grade I,II or III (as of 1998) in four (4) subjects including English and Mathematics. – GCE O’Level Min Grade C in four (4) subjects including English and Mathematics. – other qualification that is deemed equibalent and appropriate by the Real Estate Board.

What subjects are needed to become a real estate agent?

Requirements for a career in Real Estate:

  • Recommended High School Subjects: Subjects within Business, Commerce & Management Studies, and within Services.
  • Other requirements: 12-month internship, FETC Real Estate NQF Level 4, PDE exam, Intern Logbook (or an exemplifying qualification or degree)

How do you obtain a real estate license?

How To Get a Real Estate License

  1. Research your state’s licensing and education requirements. …
  2. Complete the education requirements. …
  3. Apply for the real estate licensing exam in your state. …
  4. Pass your state licensing exam. …
  5. Apply for your real estate license. …
  6. Find a real estate brokerage.