Your question: What does REL mean in real estate?

REL. Remaining Economic Life (real estate)

How do you determine the economic life of your home?

When your home is appraised by the bank, they determine your home’s effective age (i.e. the condition of your home) by looking at how much your home has depreciated and what work has been done. A 40-year old home like his, with the original roof, siding and windows, would be given a physical age of 35 years.

What does remaining economic life mean?

The Remaining Economic Life is the estimated number of years that an improvement will continue to contribute to property value. The remaining economic life is used in the Age-life Method of estimating depreciation. • The Remaining Economic Life of an improvement is the total economic life minus its effective age. •

What does r s mean on a deed?

RS – Community Property With Rights of Survivorship Multiple vesting codes used when there is more than one type. of vesting on a property.

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What does BR and BA mean in real estate?

Ba – bathroom. Br – bedroom. CAC – central air conditioning. Ch – central heat.

What does CA stand for in real estate?

Air conditioning (and “C/A” or “CAC” is. central air conditioning) AEK. All-electric kitchen. Appls.

What is total economic life in real estate?

Economic life is the length of time during which a piece of property may be put to profitable use, usually less than its physical life.

What is the effective age of a house?

Effective Age is a term used by appraisers to state the age of a property based on its current condition, rather than its actual age. For example, a well maintained home with an actual age of 80 years could have an effective age of 10 years due to excellent maintenance and updates.

What is actual age in real estate?

Actual age or chronological age is defined as the age of a structure (usually in years) since the building was complete. … We calculate then from the simple example that 60 percent of the house should be treated as a 10-year-old structure, while 40 percent should be treated as a 50-year-old structure.

What is economic obsolescence in real estate?

Economic obsolescence (EO) is the loss of value resulting from external economic factors to an asset or group of assets.

Who requires an estimate of remaining economic life?

Is the appraiser required to provide the remaining economic life of the property? The Appraiser must state the remaining economic life as a single number or as a range for all property types, including condominiums. The Appraiser must provide an explanation if the remaining economic life is less than 30 years.

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What is another name for economic life?

Economic life is also known as service life or useful life.

What happens to a jointly owned property if one owner dies?

Property held in joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, or community property with right of survivorship automatically passes to the survivor when one of the original owners dies. Real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, and investments can all pass this way. No probate is necessary to transfer ownership of the property.

What does BSF mean in real estate?

Building Square Footage or BSF means the Rentable Area of the Building.

What does right of survivorship mean in real estate?

The right of survivorship is an attribute of several types of joint ownership of property, most notably joint tenancy and tenancy in common. When jointly owned property includes a right of survivorship, the surviving owner automatically absorbs a dying owner’s share of the property.